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Student Management System

Student Management System — Features

Student Data & Reporting

Digital Academy has a customizable interface that allows schools to track any information necessary for the students, parents and staff.

Digital Academy comes with hundreds of pre-built fields that can be added or removed from the user profile for students, parents and staff. These include:

  • Personal Data such as Name, DOB, gender, ethnicity, race, address/contact info.
  • Medical Info, including Immunizations, Exam History, Medications, Emergency Contact Info.
  • Parent & Sibling Relationships, and Custodial Agreement Restrictions.
  • Alerts for Medical Concerns, Custodial Restrictions.
  • Catholic Data, including Parish and Sacramental Information.
  • Special Needs and Disability Information.
  • Transportation Information.
  • Financial Information for the Student and Parent.
  • Teacher Certifications.

Classes & Scheduling

Digital Academy provides tools that allow administrators to quickly build out and manage their classes and rosters. Functionality includes:

  • Ability to specify a primary teacher, additional teachers and read-only teachers.
  • Ability to link to Curriculum and Standards.
  • Ability to use with Daily Attendance or to have stand-alone class attendance.
  • Ability to manage registrations and enrollment through the Master Scheduler, to have students pay and enroll online (also works for sports and activities), or to have students join for free using a code.
  • Ability to set up for traditional grades only, standards-based grading only, or both.
  • Ability to configure GPA and Grade Scales.
  • Ability to use weighted categories.
  • Ability to have multiple marking terms, and combining them into a final or summary term.

Digital Academy includes our Master Scheduler, which allows users to:

  • Define templates for class portal setup, gradebook setup.
  • Link classes to curriculum and standards by grade and subject.
  • Build Rosters by Homeroom or using custom class rotation.
  • Centrally View and Manage the school schedule and teacher schedules.


Digital Academy includes a complete communication system. Each user receives their own account that can be linked to one or more external e-mail accounts. The system allows you to:

  • Instantly Send Messages via e-mail or text.
  • Send to individuals, Classes, Grades or the whole school.
  • Filter by Role, sending only to Parents, Students, Staff.
  • Attach documents, images and video files. Attachments are converted to links so large files can be sent easily through the system.

We use a Guaranteed Mail Delivery system that tracks bounces and spam reports. It also:

  • Lets you see whether messages were delivered, opened and whether any links were clicked.
  • Stops sending to bad addresses or addresses with issues.
  • Monitors SPAM Reports and unsubscribes users based on that.
  • Verifies new e-mail addresses with the sender.
  • Email verification.
  • Student and parent dashboard.
  • Attach resources to emails and announcements.
  • Email groups/clubs.

Attendance and Conduct

The Attendance and Conduct features of the Digital Academy are very extensive. Our Attendance System:

  • Can track Student and Staff Attendance.
  • Allows you to specify your own codes for students and staff.
  • Allows teachers to take daily or class-only attendance.
  • Notifies parents via e-mail and text when their child is marked absent.
  • Allows the school to send immediate text and e-mail alerts to absent students and their parents.
  • Tracks Time In / Time Out, Reason for Absence.
  • Provides detailed reports, including Daily/Class Attendance Mismatch that alert administrators to students who are at school but missing from class.

Nurse Manager

Digital Academy contains a module for managing the Nurse`s Office. This module includes the following features:

  • Track Nurse visits for students.
  • Includes information on Symptoms, the Resolution, the Date & Time, the location the student came from and where he/she returned to, and who attended to the student.
  • System can Email and Text parents, and can notify teachers and administrators that a student visited the nurse.
  • Ability to restrict who can access nurse visit information.
  • Ability to export to Excel

Cafeteria Manager

The Cafeteria Module manages the creation of cafeteria menus, ordering and online payment, and reconciliation and reporting. It has the following features:

  • Supports different price tiers for students, parents, staff.
  • Supports the National Free & Reduced Lunch Program.
  • Allows Pre-Ordering with Online Payment.
  • Allows setup of Accounts funded with online payment.
  • Allows orders to be taken during attendance, or at the cafeteria during checkout.

Ohio Administrative Cost Recovery (ACR)

The ACR Module makes it easy to enter and track time. With this module you can:

  • Administrators can create school-wide events that can be claimed by teachers with the click of a button.
  • Create recurring logs for items such as Daily Attendance.
  • Pick from a list of common codes.
  • The ACR module integrates with the School Calendar and Staff Attendance to ensure that entries are not logged on days off or on days the teacher is absent.
  • Ability to export to Excel.

The ACR Module produces all forms and information needed for the State of Ohio`s Administrative Cost Recovery program.


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