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Simplicity and Flexibility in Today`s Uncertain World

Digital Academy gives teachers an extensive set of tools that make it easier to manage your digital world.

Whether you and your students are working from school, from home or a little bit of both, our Online Classroom modules work together to make it easier for you and your students to focus on learning.

Class Pages

Class Pages allow you to post Information, Announcements, Assignments, Resources, Links, Pictures and Videos for your students:

  • Each class can have its own page, but all posts from all classes also show up on a central news feed for students and parents. This eliminates the need to search through every classroom for the latest information.
  • Posts can be e-mailed to students and parents with the click of a button.
  • Teachers can post to multiple classes simultaneously.
  • Classes can have multiple pages and subpages for teachers who want to organize their information in a more granular way.

Online Lessons

Online Lessons are a great way to organize materials and to present it to your students.

An Online Lesson is a collection of resources that is presented as a single unit for the student. The Lesson is a series of Stages. The student views the lesson using a Lesson Player that steps him or her through the stages. The Player ensures the student completes each stage before moving to the next stage, and it monitors progress for both the student and the teacher.

Stages can consist of

  • Posts with Images, Links, and Resources
  • Uploaded Videos
  • Embedded Videos (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
  • Online Assessments (Tests)
  • Assignments with Digital Turn-In
  • Discussions
  • STEM Programming Problems & Projects

Teachers can view all class progress in one screen (see image on the left)

Online Discussions

Classroom Discussions are a great way to increase student interest & engagement, as well as providing the teacher with feedback on the student's level of understanding. Online discussions accomplish the same purpose and have these additional advantages:

  • They help build a community of peers and the teacher in an online environment.
  • They reduce student stress by providing a convenient method to complete school work when the students have time.
  • They lead to more focused and more in-depth contributions as the students have time to reflect and synthesize information.
  • They frequently lead to more contributions from introverted or shy students.

Please watch a short video on the right to learn how to create and monitor Online Discussions, and how students can participate in online discussions.

The Live Classroom

The LIVE Classroom provides a mechanism for you to interact with your students in real-time, either in-person or remotely. The LIVE Classroom has a variety of tools for interacting with your students:

  • Green / Yellow / Red indicator to tell you if the student is in the classroom and active, in the classroom but on a different tab, or not in the classroom.
  • Video & Audio Conference That You Control – Launch audio-only or audio and video. Determine whether students can see everyone or just the presenter. Control whether students can turn their mic on and off.
  • Present and Hand Out Documents from Google Drive, your computer, links, or the document scanner through the app. Includes the ability to annotate on documents with a built-in whiteboard that works with your Classroom SmartBoard.
  • Share your Screen / Lock students to a tab in the Online Classroom.
  • Monitor Student Screens and Take Control of their Screen.
  • Launch Online Tests and Monitor Student Progress on a Single Screen.
  • Launch an Online Test or Teacher-Led Game with a LeaderBoard after each question.
  • Interact through a Class Chat or a Word Cloud Activity.

Additional Features with Digital Academy Chrome Extension

With the Chrome Extension you can take control of the student's computer and lock them into the classroom and onto a specific screen.

Additionally, you can push out web pages and monitor students' activity even when they are not in the Classroom. A Class session must be in progress in order to monitor student activity.

Additional Digital Tools

In addition to the Online Classroom Modules, Digital Academy offers Digital Grading Tools that can be used outside of the classroom.

Online Tests & Assessments

Create online tests that can autograde themselves and go directly into the gradebook.

  • Online questions
    • True / False
    • Multiple choice
    • Short answer
    • Fill in
    • Programming problem
  • Create hints and explanations to test questions and answers
  • Allow multiple attempts or 1
  • Create timed tests
  • Show feedback after each or last attempt
  • Attach standards to test
  • Publish tests to student dashboard
  • Publish tests to LIVE classroom
    • View students taking test in LIVE classroom
Online Test

Assignments with Digital Submission and Digital Grading

Traditional Assignments can allow Digital Submission. Students can upload

  • Documents from their computer
  • Google Docs
  • Pictures
  • Audio Files / Video Files
  • Printed Documents scanned using the mobile app
  • Students can mark up files provided by the teacher using the Digital Academy Document Editor

Teachers can grade documents and provide feedback using the Smart Grader. The Smart Grader shows the user's work and allows the teacher to comment or mark it up. Comments are shown prominently to the student on the dashboard and their assignment list.

Online Tests & Assessments

More Videos

Watch one of the videos below to see how the Digital Submission & Grading Process Works.

To watch more videos please visit our Youtube channel

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