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The Disciple of Christ-Education in Virtue® approach to student formation guides young people in the understanding that they were made for happiness and lasting happiness is achieved by living virtuously.

To live as we ought, we must first be educated in virtue, to learn what it looks like and sounds like to choose the good. Before we can practice virtue and persevere in it, educators and good examples are needed to explain and witness to the good way of life.

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The Education in Virtue Portal

Digital Academy provides an Education in Virtue Portal that has pre-built lessons and resources for Educators and Parents. There are online lessons that outline WHY it is important to Educate in Virtue, HOW to Educate in Virtue. Lessons also go into detail on each of the major virtues in the EIV Program: Faith, Hope, Charity, Prudence, Justice, Fortitude and Temperance.

Education in Virtue Portal

Education in Virtue portal

Virtue Certificates & Reports

One way of creating a culture of virtue in families and schools is to recognize and celebrate acts of virtue, which can be done in many ways, such as a Virtue Certificate, an example of which is shown on the left.

When students are faced with a challenge to form good habits and break away from old ones, conversations can be had to explain a specific virtue and identify it as a better choice for next time and a virtuous goal to practice. To make the goal concrete with a visual record, a Virtue Report can be given, to designate a specific virtue as a goal or area of growth. Virtue Reports are not intended to be disciplinary or a conduct report, but rather to be an outcome of a coaching approach as a guiding goal to build a good habit.

The Disciple of Christ Virtue Certificate and Virtue Report help support communication between home and school to advance a shared culture of promoting virtue in the lives of students and all of us.

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See it in Action

This video shows how the Education in Virtue module is implemented in the Digital Academy.

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You can also learn more at the Education in Virtue Website

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