Digital Academy - Curriculum, Lesson Plan and Grading

Curriculum, Lesson Plan and Grading

Curriculum, Lesson Plan and Grading — Overview

One Integrated System

Curriculum, Lesson Plan Modules & the Standards-Based Gradebook work together to simplify daily planning for teachers and give insight to Curriculum Directors, while effectively communicating progress to students and parents.

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Build Standards-Based Curriculum Maps

The curriculum module allows you to create Standards-Based Curriculum Maps. Each map is broken into units. Unit templates can be defined by each school system and can include areas that contain:

  • Standards
  • HTML Text (Formatted text with Images and Links)
  • Resources, including PDFs and Documents from your computer, Google Docs, Images, Videos, Audio Recordings
  • Learning Activities
  • Online Assessments (Tests)

Curriculum supports multiple models and frameworks, including the Understanding by Design (UbD) Framework.

Curriculum can be shared with groups, and you can implement an approval workflow. Curriculum can be easily copied and downloaded as a Word Document or a PDF.


Lesson Plan Module

Teachers see the curriculum when building their daily lessons and can easily use Curriculum Standards, Text, Resources and Assessments in their Daily Plan.

The Lesson Plan has a variety of features, including:

  • Ability to add Standards, Online assessments and Assignments to the daily plan. Assignments are automatically added to the gradebook and the student assignment list.
  • Ability to add materials, including Google Docs, Files from your computer and Images. Materials can be published to the Student Portal and are available in the "LIVE Class" to present during class time.
  • Ability to Extend, Bump and Move daily lessons.
  • Ability to import from Excel or from PlanBook.
  • Ability to Print to Word or PDF, and to export all data to Excel.
  • Ability to copy previous years data to the current year.

Administrators can review teachers' plans from one location and can view completion statistics on their dashboard.

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Standards-Based Grading

Digital Academy Gradebook has 3 different grading modes:

  • The traditional Grid that lets you enter an assignment grade
  • A standards grade
  • Comments

A Standards-Based Grading Screen that lets you drill down from Essential Standards to Indicator Standards to Individual assignments. Overall Standard grades can be calculated automatically based on the student's progress on individual assignments.

The Gradebook also includes our proprietary "Smart Grader" that allows you to view and mark up digital documents, online tests and programming problems. You can watch and listen to video and audio submissions.

All features allow you to differentiate assignments and allow you to provide feedback to your students on their work.


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