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Enrollment and Finance

Enrollment and Finance

Enrollment: Online, Mobile Friendly...Easy

  • Forms are 100% online, are easily filled out on a mobile or desktop device, and are
    completely customizable by the school
  • Assess fees and allow parents to pay online while completing the form
  • Workflow supports routing forms to different groups or returned to the parents for
    more information
  • Checklists allow parents and administrators to see which items still need to be completed

Online Payment

  • Collect money online via credit card or ACH. Lowest fees compare to Paypal, Stripe.
  • Fees are deposited directly into the school's account daily.
  • Outstanding balances are updated automatically; Chargebacks are automatically.
  • Advanced reporting makes reconciliation easy.

Tuition Collection

Students can edit and submit assignments digitally from withinn the Digital Academy, Including:

  • Automatically pull tuition charges monthly, quarterly or semi-annually from parents' bank or
    credit card
  • No additional fee for parents from the Digital Academy
  • System notifies parents and school of issues and allows parents to resolve most issues online

All Inclusive

  • Handles Aftercare, Field Trip Fees, Cafeteria, School Fees, Sports and Event
    Registrations and More
  • Aftercare fees are generated automatically based on check-in/ check-out
  • Cafeteria allows for pre-ordering or daily ordering using our Point-of-Sale System
  • School can generate charges for individuals, households, groups ore entire grades

Other Modules

Curriculum, Lesson & Grading
LMS & Distance Learning

Student Management System

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