The Digital Academy

A Learning Management System that Seamlessly Integrates Classroom Learning and Distance Learning

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A Fully Integrated System That Includes:

Education in Virtue

A Digital Catholic Culture finds expression in an Integrated Communication System between home and school using the Disciple of Christ Education in Virtue Approach. The Digital Academy provides Communication Tools such as Virtue Certificates and Virtue Reports. It also includes the Education in Virtue Portal, which provides formation and Professional Development for Students, Parents, Teachers and Staff.

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Digital Classroom & Distance Learning

Prepare for an uncertain Fall with a comprehensive Blended Learning Approach that allows students to have the same experience whether they are attending classes in person, in “real-time” from home, or at a later time from home.

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Offer Advanced Stem Courses with the Digital Academy’s LogicBox Programming Environment. This environment allows you to teach Java, Web and SQL REMOTELY. It includes complete online lessons with videos, worksheets and self-grading problems that cover all of the material.

The Mobile App

The Digital Academy includes a free mobile app that allows users to view grades, progress, attendance and conduct infractions. It allows students and parents to download and sign report cards and other documents.