Covid-19 Screening Tools

Covid Pre-Screen in the Digital Academy — Mobile App and System

The Digital Academy has added Tools to help schools with Covid-19 Screening for the 2020-21 School Year. Details for the tools are listed below

Parents Pre-Screen with the App

Parents can enter their child’s temperature using the DA App every morning. They will also need to confirm a few yes/no health questions.

Based on the child's temperature and parents' answers about the child's health, the app will indicate whether they can go to school.


Teachers will see the students temperature on the attendance screen. If a student fails to pre-screen, teachers can take the temperature in class or send the child to the nurse’s office. The system will alert the nurse and teacher if a student is at risk.

The Nurse

The Nurse will be able to see a chart of temperatures and health questions. Some students have a higher average body temperature than others. The system will alert the nurse and teacher if a temperature is in the warning zone based on historical temperatures.

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